PRIVATE LABEL: Our state of the art facility can produce all
kinds of finished products including sponges, scrubbers, non-woven cloths, and much more. Our years of experience and American accountability, combined with in house packaging and shipping, make us your most reliable source for private label products.

CUSTOM COMPONENTS: We also produce customized foam components for the automotive, health and beauty, hobby, technical, and manufacturing industries. We can cut, shape, mold, and laminate many different materials to your exact specifications.

OUR CAPABILITIES include the following:
DESIGN & ENGINEERING of custom components to
meet your manufacturing needs.
CUTTING & SLICING of foam and sponge to any
required size.
DIE CUTTING for specialized shapes and designs.
SEWING to attach bias liners and/or cloth to foam.
LAMINATING to seal two types of materials together.
MILLING & BUFFING to form channels and shape edges
for specific uses.
HEAT SEALING to adhere edges in order to enclose
and form.
PACKAGING & SHIPPING to process private label items
ready for market.

  2110 Belgrave Ave. Huntington Park CA 90255  (323) 588-6696     info@ufobrand.com
Made in U.S.A.